Mila is a professional singer-songwriter, and model. She is of Russian-Italian heritage and was born in Northeast Ohio. She grew up surrounded by music and was raised in a family full of musicians, singers, and photographer parents. She was just six years old when she realized she wanted to work within entertainment. She had a passion for singing, a love for fashion, loved to dance, and play guitar. At such a young age she could already envision herself on a stage and in magazines.

What is so interesting about Mila is that she was born with profound deafness; completely deaf in her left ear. Sadly nothing medically could be done, and she still faces daily challenges because of it. Despite her deafness Mila managed to go through a normal school system, studied music, learned to play a handful of instruments, sang in choirs, vocally trained in pop music with a variety of coaches, and started song writing at the age of twelve. Mila was also involved in clubs, played many sports, has learned multiple languages, and later studied real estate and holds a realtors license in the state of California.

​​​In 2015 she released her first single "Die", of which she was the singer-songwriter for. It's been featured on the top publishing networks worldwide including iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Play, and Amazon MP3 to name a few, where it can be purchased. Mila has also finished her first full album, which will be released once there is a Covid-19 vaccine, and clubs reopen!

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Some say music and fashion go hand and hand. Mila graduated High School two years early in 2010, and was discovered by modeling scouts in both New York City, and Los Angeles at just 16 years old. In 2012 she moved to Los Angeles full time to model professionally through multiple agencies.


Though still young, Mila managed to build up an extensive resume, and has landed many jobs all over the United States and internationally. 


She has walked many runway shows at Fashion Week and Style Fashion Week for different seasons, some of which she had the honor of opening and closing for. Many other designers outside of those events have featured her in their shows and campaigns as well. She's been featured in a handful of clothing catalogs and on billboards throughout Los Angeles. 

In 2014 she was an Ohio finalist in 'Tropic Beauty Pageant". 


She's been published both online and in print magazines, gracing both covers and spreads. She's worked alongside other celebrities, and has also done some behind the scenes work. Working as a model recruiter and makeup artist.  


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